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The 2nd batch of Polines alumni who are granted a scholarship to continue their master's degree at Management and Science University (MSU) has arrived at MSU Campus in Shah Alam, Malaysia, on March 8, 2018. There are as many as three alumni from the Accounting Department and four alumni from the Business Administration Department who received the scholarship. Accompanied by the new Head of International Office, Dr. Muhammad Mukhlisin, the students are welcomed by Prof. Dr. Eddy Yusuf as the dean of School of Graduate Studies, MSU.

Students from this 2nd batch are scheduled to take an orientation on March 13, 2018 and will then join the students from the first batch are already in and has started their classes at MSU. Earlier, in January, 4 Polines alumni from the Department of Electrical Engineering had already started to study at MSU in the same scholarship program.

In his first visit to MSU, Dr. Muhammad Mukhlisin had the opportunity to meet Prof. Tan Sri Datowira Dr Mohd. Sukri Ab Yajid, who is the president of MSU. In a discussion that took place in the MSU's president room, Polines and MSU agreed to open further cooperation opportunities. One of the opportunities to implement is the possibility of double degree program.


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