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Polines has expanded its collaboration form by partnering with two universities from the Philippines. The first meeting of these universities happened on 18th October 2018 in Pangasinan University, Philippines. Polines, Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) and Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) are taking part in the 3rd Batch SEA-TVET Internship Exchange Programme. The programme aims to improve the communication skills, working ethic of students and to prepare students to face the global market by doing their internship in other countries. After working on selection procedure for students in December 2018, Polines agreed to receive two students from Tarlac Agricultural University and two students from Mariano Marcos State University. Two business majored students from Tarlac Agricultural University, Ashley Joy Saguiped and Jerrmay Bravo, arrived in Semarang on the 26th of January 2019. These two students from TAU are assigned to do their internship in Grand Candi Hotel for one month. While two students from MMSU majoring in International Service Management, Clarisse Joy Pancho and Rose-Anne Joy Simon, arrived in Semarang on the 15th February 2019. Students from MMSU will do their internship in Grand Candi Hotel for three months started from 25th February until 10th May 2019. Before starting their internship, all international students in Polines had been given Cultural Class to teach students basic communication skill in Bahasa Indonesia and to add their knowledge about Indonesian culture.

Participant of Intelligent Life Creative Winter Program


Five Polines students participate in Intelligent Life Creative Winter Program. This Program is organized by National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (First Tech), Taiwan on 23 - 29 January 2018. Polines delegation consists of five students from three departments, they are Reisi Rizqie Auliya; Syarif Mumtaza Fahmi; Arindra Martha Sasmita from Business Administration Department; Maria Graciella Calma from Accounting Department; and lastly Karina Laras Novitasari from Electrical Engineering Department. Together with students from Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, and Pakistan, Polines students compete to present their prototype of innovative ideas. This seven days program starts with an ice-breaking program and creative thinking activities. Then students are grouped into teams, each team consist of 4 students. In the second day participants begin to brainstorm their ideas. In the third and fourth day, they are required to build the prototype of their ideas. The presentation of prototype is held in the fift day while the award ceremony is conducted in the sixth day.


The 2nd batch of Polines alumni who are granted a scholarship to continue their master's degree at Management and Science University (MSU) has arrived at MSU Campus in Shah Alam, Malaysia, on March 8, 2018. There are as many as three alumni from the Accounting Department and four alumni from the Business Administration Department who received the scholarship. Accompanied by the new Head of International Office, Dr. Muhammad Mukhlisin, the students are welcomed by Prof. Dr. Eddy Yusuf as the dean of School of Graduate Studies, MSU.


Since 2017 Polines and Loghborough College have been working together on developing the curriculum of Marketing Management Study Program of Business Administration Department, specifically focusing in Graphic Design program. The partnership of two institutions was started in early 2017 when Polines and Loghborough College were granted a grant by British Council called International Skills Partnership Program (ISP) to increase student employability skill. Therefor this whole activities is funded by British Council.

The Vice Director of Planning and Cooperation of Polines together with the Head of International Office of Polines attended the 3rd SEAMEO Polytechnic Network Meeting that was held in Surabaya, 4 – 6 April 2018. There are around 140 participants who are management level (Directors, Deputy Directors, Heads of Programme, Heads of International Relations, and Heads of Academic Affairs) from TVET colleges, polytechnics, universities of technology in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand attended the event. The Meeting was mainly discussing about te 2nd batch of SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange and SEA-TVET 3-2-1 Dual Programme in which Polines will be joining in. The objectives of the SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange are to enhance global competitiveness, knowledge and technical skills of TVET students;

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